Welcome to our Online Placement Test. If you are an absolute beginner, you do not need to take it. You will receive an email with your score right after you click “submit.”

The test consists of 26 multiple-choice questions that increase in difficulty throughout the test. If you feel you don’t know the answer, please select “I am not sure” or “I believe this question is beyond my current skills.”

Don’t guess. Placement tests don’t try to "grade" your knowledge; instead, they try to determine what your current knowledge is.
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Please translate the following sentence into Spanish:

I am from Barcelona.

Pedro’s female dogs are black.

You (formal) have a very beautiful house.

When do you go to the gym?

Juan likes apples. He gets up early every morning.

I am angry and tired.

You (formal) are very handsome.

Did you go to a restaurant on Monday?

I want to have a dog.

They had to work.

Do you know María?

I arrived at the house. The sky was red.

Juan always used to eat at seven, but last Thursday he ate at five.

I bought a present for you for seventy-nine dollars.

They want to go to Paris, but we want to go to Madrid.

Are you going to the gym tomorrow?

I have the song. I have it.

It’s hot today.

I gave it to him. (Use pronouns.)

You give it to me. I give it to you. (Use pronouns.)

I arrived at the apartment. You were dancing.

She had already been there.

I hope you have a good life.

If I had a million dollars, I would buy a big house.

If I had founded a computer company in the 80s, I would be rich now.

When I grow up, I want to be a Spanish teacher.

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These are our recommendations based on the test score:

0-5 — Beginners
6-10 — Level 2
11-15 — Level 3
16-20 — Level 4 and/or Basic Conversation
21-24 — Level 5 and/or Intermediate Conversation
24+ — Advanced Conversation

We will review your test and contact you so we can assist you with registration. You can also sign up for classes online by following the link to our class schedule at the bottom of this page.

If you have any question, please email us or call us at any time.

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